If you’re like me, there is nothing that screams “SUMMER!!” than the tinkly sweet song of the ice cream truck man on his way to deliver sugar happiness to children. Ice cream is the quintessential harbinger of summer, and there are very few things that can compare.

Still, when you consider the impact that a really good online tutor can have on a student’s life, it is relatively easy to see which one is better in the long run. Not only is only tutoring mess-free, good for your health and a better long-term investment than ice cream, it also has the wonderful side effect of making you smarter. Not even the most perfect ice cream in the world can do all of those things. Unless it is made by aliens.

5 Reasons Why Online Tutoring is Better Than Ice Cream

1.  It doesn’t melt

Although ice cream is delicious and slightly nutritious (that’s what I tell myself, anyway), it does have the unfortunate habit of becoming a pile of goo after about 15 minutes. Ask yourself, when is the last time a really good lesson just “melted” out of your mind? No. Algebra doesn’t count.

The great thing about online tutoring is that the face-to-face learning you do with a tutor doesn’t ever have a chance to melt. Through continual online meetings and reinforcement, your knowledge level continues to build rather than melt away into faded puddles of mental slurry.

2.  It’s better for you in the long run

If you know anyone who is older than 35, you can attest that ice cream is the sweetest form of fat available. There is a reason why Burt Baskin (of the delicious 31-flavored ice cream juggernaut) died from a heart attack at 54.

Fortunately, online tutoring is virtually guaranteed not to give you heart disease. In fact, students who connect with tutors outside of school are more likely to graduate and have more productive, happier lives than those who don’t have an adult role model outside of their own family. That means that making a long-term connection with professional, caring tutors who want you to succeed might increase your lifespan. That’s a disease of the heart that’s worth getting!

3.  Knowledge is sweeter than sugar

In Thank You Mr. Falker, Patricia Polacco writes “Honey is sweet, and so is knowledge, but knowledge is like the bee that made that sweet honey: you have to chase it through the pages of a book.” One of the reasons why knowledge is so sweet is that it takes effort to produce. Unlike with a delicious ice cream sandwich, the sweetness of online tutoring doesn’t vanish in a few minutes. The effort of gaining the knowledge and the process of improving the mind actually create a lasting sweetness that changes students’ opinions of education and learning.

4.  No Clean Up

Anyone who has ever given an ice cream cone to a 2-year-old knows how disastrous this sweet little treat can be. It is shocking to see exactly where ice cream can end up if you’re not careful.

With regular tutoring and education, messes are a given. Whether it is a social mess, physical mess or organizational mess, the amount of work that teachers and tutors are asked to do with their limited time results in disasters for kids in need. Online tutoring, by comparison, is relatively mess-free. With dedicated one-on-one time, without the stress of face-to-face interaction, students are free to learn in a safe environment. This means that there are no mental or emotional messes to clean up after.

5.  More Bang for Your Buck

Although a good pint of Chunky Monkey only costs a few dollars, the benefits are not as long-lasting as a certified online tutor. For almost the same cost, your student can be spending a half-hour learning valuable skills that will help them to be a successful adult. The inexpensive, safe model of online tutoring gives your student access to excellent teachers at the same price of a really good dessert. The question is: Which one will benefit your student the most?

The answer is easier than pie and more delicious than ice cream.

Willow Becker has been a teacher and professional writer for more than 10 years. She loves working with online schools, and recently taught at the Life Skills Center in Colorado Springs in a completely online environment. Her blog is full of funny, inspiring stories about teaching, learning and being a mom.